Cold Plate Design

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Given a power limit, a temperature limit and a target water temperature, we can design a cold plate for any system. We typically recommend 1 liter per minute of water per kW of power. This results in a 14C temperature rise, which works well for most applications. The cold plate normally runs about 5 C hotter than the coolant at the outlet, so the cold plate temperature is 19 C hotter than the cooling water. Higher flow rates result in cooler cold plates, but offer lower efficiency due to the extra pumping power required.

The cold plate design parameters result in a turbulator design which provides the correct flow and pressure drop for the cold plate. Chilldyne uses a proprietary program to determine the ?????????


We also make high performance cold plates

High Power Cold Plate

High Power Cold Plate

Snap Cover Cold Plate


more design stuff....

Low Risk

The Cool-Flo System uses a proprietary,
negative pressure main pump
combined with standard heat sinks
modified for liquid cooling to provide a
leak-free system.

High Reliability

The Cool-Flo System pistonless
pump works with pneumatic
ejector technology. This type of
pump has very low maintenance
and is failure tolerant.

Cost Effective

The Cool-Flo system takes advantage
of the negative pressure to utilize
inexpensive hardware components,
leading to cost-effective