Leakproof Worry-Free, Reliable, Cost Effective, Liquid Cooling

The Chilldyne Cool-Flo® System is a direct-to-chip liquid cooling system that delivers coolant under negative pressure. Chilldyne’s technologies were designed specifically to eliminate downtime due to leaks and or equipment failure.

The Chilldyne liquid cooling system is risk-free and easy to implement in existing and green field data centers

Leakproof Worry-free Liquid Cooling for Data Centers

Data center operators know that liquid cooling will be required for future GPUs and CPUs Chilldyne offers all the benefits of liquid cooling plus peace of mind with a system that is leak proof, redundant and failure tolerant. No single point failure of the Chilldyne liquid cooling system will result in downtime. Go ahead and cut the line to the server, step on a coolant fitting and crack it or even pull the power on one of our coolant pumps. It won’t stop cooling your servers.

Features and Benefits of the Chilldyne system for data center stakeholders
Liquid cooling improves density, performance and efficiency while reducing TCO. With the Chilldyne system, these benefits don’t come with any drawbacks. 

"Here are some features and benefits of the Chilldyne system for each team member responsible for data center uptime and efficiency."


Chilldyne Liquid cooling offers redundancy and is leakproof. This means no downtime.

Best efficiency for reduced energy cost, less fan power, less chiller power, less liquid cooling power

Chilldyne server-side parts are less expensive because they don’t need to be failure proof. 99.9% reliable is less expensive than 99.999%.

Lower cost on server refresh, use existing CDUs for your new servers.

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Data Center Operators

Chilldyne systems are leakproof and redundant, so no need to come in after hours if something leaks or breaks down, because no single point failure will cause downtime.

Easy to install and maintain. Plumbing is installed by any tech with hand tools. Leaks are easy to find, just follow the bubbles. Automated coolant refresh with no scheduled downtime.

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Facilities Operators

With N+1 CDUs, no need for downtime to service facility water systems. Server-side water chemicals are added automatically.

With the best thermal resistance in the business, Chilldyne liquid cooling allows you to avoid running chillers and use the most efficient cooling systems. 

We offer backup air cooling on some servers, so facility water system downtime does not necessarily mean liquid cooled server downtime. Our customers at Sandia ran their 750 kW supercomputer for hours with no liquid and no throttling. 

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Server Vendors

Easy to engineer and install in any server. Smaller tubes, cut to length with push on fittings.

Finned cold plates available to allow power up and stress test on the production line with no liquid cooling.

Simple production line vacuum leak test in 20 seconds with Chilldyne supplied tester.

Never a leak on any server.

Multiple sources for cold plates. manifolds and CDUs

ISO 9001 manufacturer.

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We are ready to help you implement liquid cooling at your data center.

We can work with whatever rack densities, cooling systems or servers that you may have in mind. With direct to the chip liquid, there are no limits on density. Chilldyne engineers have developed rocket engine cooling systems, so cooling servers at any density is straightforward for us.


About Chilldyne

Chilldyne spun out of Flometrics, an engineering services company that specializes in fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. The Cool-Flo system was designed by engineers and rocket scientists who know how to develop high performance aerospace system and low cost, reliable disposable medical devices. The reason that the Chilldyne system works so well is that it was designed by a team of experts with over 25 years of relevant experience and 29 patents.

"We can provide an accurate prediction of power savings, CPU temperatures and data center temperatures using Chilldyne liquid cooling in your data center."