Chilldyne offers custom liquid cooling kits for your servers.  Chilldyne can quickly modify existing hardware or design and build new. Negative pressure makes it easy.  Chilldyne offers custom hybrid air-liquid heat sinks and cold plates. Chilldyne’s turbulator cold plate technology allows for easy customization for different power and coolant temperature. Our parallel cold plates keep all the processors at the same temperature.

Typical thermal resistance curves for cold plates designed for up to 200 watts.

Sapphire Rapids, Intel Skylake and Milan Hybrid Cold Plates

Liquid Cooling Thermal Resistance

Thermal resistance is the temperature rise over the air or liquid  of the processor for a given power input. It is usually expressed in C/watt. So if a cold plate or heat sink has a thermal resistance of .1 C/watt, it will be 10 C hotter than the air or water at 100 watts of power. Typical 1U tall heat sinks like the Dynatron S4, have a thermal resistance of .176 C/watt at 15 CFM of air flow.

Chilldynes Cold plates for the same CPU have a similar air cooled performance and a water thermal resistance of .08 C/W at .2 lpm. Half the thermal resistance with 2100 times less flow. This is why liquid is better.

Chilldyne’s makes cold plates with a thermal resistance as low as .01 C/watt.

  • Turbulator design passes contaminants up to .25 mm,
  • Corrosion tolerant up to 150 micron.
  • easy to adjust performance with new plastic turbulator

Chilldyne also offers a low cost, no fins version of our cold plate. This patented design uses turbulators in slots in an extrusion to provide low thermal resistance, low pressure drop and low cost. This design can be manufactured very quickly.


Cold Plate Design

Hybrid Cold Plates

High Performance Cold Plates

GPU Cold Plates

Standard Cold Plates


We use standard finned heat sinks modified for liquid cooling for air cooled backup, free rear door cooling and easy deployment. We can interface with stock liquid cooled GPU cards or a custom GPU cold plate can be designed. Low cost high performance cold plate designs with minimal copper and no fins are available.

Installation and Maintenance
Low Risk

The Cool-Flo System uses a proprietary,
negative pressure main pump
combined with standard heat sinks
modified for liquid cooling to provide a
leak-free system.

High Reliability

The Cool-Flo System pistonless
pump works with pneumatic
ejector technology. This type of
pump has very low maintenance
and is failure tolerant.

Cost Effective

The Cool-Flo system takes advantage
of the negative pressure to utilize
inexpensive hardware components,
leading to cost-effective

CPU Cold Plates

Chilldyne Cool-Flo cold plates are designed to match the thermal performance needs of today's high-performance CPU's.

Through the use of low-cost components and simple connections, liquid cooling can be easily added to any server.

Connectors fit into the existing PCI slot, tall or short, or chassis can be punched for the correct hole.

GPU Cold Plates

Chilldyne GPU Cold Plate removes heat from the GPU, RAM and voltage regulators.

Chilldyne uses turbulators within drilled holes to adjust heat transfer for each customer's requirements.

Flow Control Elements

Patented air flow limiting valves allow all servers to be cooled even if one server is open to air.

Failure tolerance it the key to data center uptime.

Cool-Flo Turbulator Cold Plates

  • Thermal Performance –  Thermal resistance as low as .01c/watt. 80-90% of the server heat is captured by the Cool-Flo liquid cooling system.Robust Cold Plate Technology – Turbulator technology is used to enhance heat transfer and provide contamination and corrosion resistance.Ease of Maintenance – Negative pressure allows servers or racks to be disconnected for service while running, no need to shut off CDU.

    Retains Air Cooling –Utilizing standard finned heat sinks modified for liquid cooling, the Chilldyne system retains the ability to air cool servers and can operate as an air-cooled system to minimize down-time or during factory test.

    Low Cost Server Side Components – The system utilizes low cost plastic tubing, low cost cold plates and simple connections, minimizing cost particularly during server refresh. Failure tolerance means our components don’t need 99.999% reliability.

    Quality Construction – The cold plates have all metal fluid passages to eliminate the possibility of leaks due to thermal expansion mismatch between plastic fluid passages and copper heat transfer surfaces. Although the Chilldyne system uses negative pressure, the server-side assembly has been tested to 200 psi.

    Contaminant Resistant – The cold plate passes contaminants up to .25 mm and is Corrosion tolerant up to 150 micron. 

Cool-Flo Turbulator Cold Plates


Cool Kits

Negative pressure. Positive results.

Negative pressure, highly efficient water-based liquid cooling with no leaks, no harmful chemicals and no downtime.