The Chilldyne Cool-Flo System is a direct-to-chip liquid cooling system that delivers coolant under negative pressure for both supply and return. Chilldyne’s technologies were designed to eliminate the risks associated with liquid cooling while keeping deployment and operating costs low. The Chilldyne system will not stop cooling your servers because it is failure tolerant and redundant.

Chilldyne Advantages over other liquid cooling systems

No single point failure will cause a leak or downtime. We have 9000+ cold plates in service starting in 2014, never a leak on any server.

Because of the failure tolerant negative pressure system, the cost of the server side parts is much less. (Positive pressure systems must use “failure proof” parts) For example, the fluid connectors are 1/3 the cost now.

Chilldyne systems are easier to install than positive pressure or immersion systems because no special liquids are needed and the CDU to rack plumbing can be installed by any technician.

Due to automation and failure tolerance, the cost and time for installation are much less. Service is also much less expensive.

Cool-Flo System Overview

CPU Cold Plates

Chilldyne Cool-Flo cold plates are designed to match the thermal performance needs of today's high-performance CPU's. Through the use of low-cost components and simple connections, liquid cooling can be easily added to any server.
Connectors fit into the existing PCI slot, tall or short, or chassis can be punched for the correct hole.

Negative Pressure Cooling Without the Risk of Leaks

  • Retains Air Cooling – Utilizing standard finned heat sinks modified for liquid cooling, the Chilldyne system can retain the ability to air cool servers and can operate as a standard air-cooled system to minimize down-time.
  • Leak-Proof System – We use negative pressure on both supply and return so if a leak occurs anywhere, air will flow into the system instead of coolant leaking out.
  • Failure Tolerant – The system will maintain cooling even with a server open to air. Leaks are a maintenance issue, they do not impact up-time. N+1 redundancy with automatic fail over valves is available to maintain cooling if a CDU is down.
  • Low Cost and Easy Installation – The Chilldyne system has no hidden installation costs or delays. Plumbing is only required for the CDU while the racks and servers can be installed by data center or facility technicians.
  • Increased Density – Our liquid cooling can cool up to 300kW of server power in a single server rack. (assuming 300 lpm at 14 C rise)
  • Reduced Setup Time – The CDU automatically fills and drains the system, monitors the coolant and adds or drains coolant as needed. Air purging is automatic to reduce setup time
  • Automatic Coolant Evacuation – The Cool-Flo No-Drip/Hot Swap Connector automatically evacuates coolant from a server when it is disconnected from a system. The racks can also be drained automatically by the CDU.
  • Low Cost, High Volume – The system utilizes low cost plastic tubing and simple connections, minimizing cost and allows data center technicians, not plumbers, to install, move or reconfigure racks, because a loose fitting does not impact server cooling or leave a puddle on the floor.

Low Risk

The Cool-Flo System uses a proprietary, negative pressure main pump combined with standard heat sinks modified for liquid cooling to provide a leak-free system.

Highly Reliable

The Cool-Flo System pistonless pump works with pneumatic ejector technology. This type of pump has very low maintenance and is failure tolerant. 

Cost Effective

The Cool-Flo system takes advantage of the negative pressure to utilize inexpensive hardware components, leading to cost-effective implementation. 

Liquid Cooling Power Savings

Chilldyne’s Cool-Flo System is an efficient and low cost liquid cooling system that reduces data center power consumption 3 ways: 

  • 75-100% reduction in HVAC power 
  • 75% reduction in server fan power 
  • 5-10% reduction in CPU power 

This example shows a legacy data center power reduction of 45% with the Cool-Flo System. Any data center can bring their Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) down to 1.2 or less plus additional power savings at the server.


Cool-Flo is the only data center liquid cooling system that operates under negative pressure to mitigate risk, with no leaks, a lower cost, and better uptime.

Installation and Maintenance

Still Unsure About Liquid Cooling?

Moving away from traditional HVAC is a big step. If you want to know more about the science and its application, click the button below.

Greater Performance

Run CPUs/GPUs at higher clock speeds – more performance from the same hardware. The lower temperature delivered by liquid cooling allows more heat to be removed from the device, which allows more electrical power to be put in without tripping governors or hardware damage resulting in higher clock speeds.

Less Power

Studies have shown that the Cool-Flo soluiton reduces electrical usage by 15-30% by reducing CPU power, fan power, HVAC power and CDU power needs. Power that can be rechanneled back into performance of existing hardware.